"Roberta Allen writes prose that sings. When that perfect pitch is coupled with her astute vision for the strange and comic business we call life, the  result is The Princess of Herself: a brilliant book of stories." 

--Siri Hustvedt, author of the novel, The Blazing World


"These stories depict a world of aging professionals two hours north of  New York City who’ve stayed too long at the party. Having moved from  Manhattan, they’re marooned in their quaint towns. Roberta Allen’s short, sharp, dreamlike prose captures the oddness of this bardo-state with all  its beauty, ambivalence and pain."  

--Chris Kraus, author of the novel, I Love Dick and After Kathy Acker, A Literary Biography


“Roberta Allen's new book of stories The Princess of Herself is  wonderful.Smart, humorously melancholic, Allen's voice and tone are unusual, special. If you’re looking for something to read, please consider it.”

 --Lynne Tillman, author, her new novel MEN AND APPARITIONS will be published in March


"Roberta Allen’s sharp, jarring stories are bitingly honest and funny as hell. These sixty-ish characters grapple with messy pasts, simmering rivalries, and longings both sexual and transcendent. Rarely has anyone written so frankly about aging, and the ways we create our own past."

--Dawn Raffel, author of The Secret Life of Objects, flash fictions


"I love this book. The writer is always visible as one of the characters, trying to sort out reality and memory.  She keeps collapsing her own life into her stories and in doing so creates a wonderful picture of the way our minds actually work. Everything merges and the act of writing and remembering is the real subject here.”

--Laurie Anderson